About Me / درباره من

Arash Azizi is a writer, translator and scholar living in New York City. His writings and commentary on politics, history and cinema have appeared in numerous publications including the BBC, the Daily Beast, Jacobin, Al-Monitor, the Atlantic Council, the Toronto Star, the Vanity Fair, the Washington Post, Al-Jazeera. As a doctoral student in New York University, he researches the history of transnational links that bound Iran and the Arab World to each other in the framework of the broader Global Cold War. About a dozen of his book-length translations have appeared in Iran and abroad.


آرش عزیزی نویسنده، مترجم و دانشجوی دکترای تاریخ در دانشگاه نیویورک است. پژوهش‌های دانشگاهی او در مورد تاریخ جنبش‌های سیاسی در ایران و عراق در دهه ۶۰ میلادی است.

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