Norooz message to the heroic masses of Iran,

[I drafted this message which was approved by a general meeting of the Toronto Young New Democrats and then sent to media in English and Persian]

Honourable, militant masses of Iran!

Please accept this congratulation of Norooz and Iranian New Year of 1389 on behalf of your brothers and sisters in Toronto, Canada.

Norooz is an official day in Ontario and Canada as well and through our relations with the Iranian community in our city, we have had a chance to take part in your beautiful traditions. We have also been present in the efforts of this community to build solidarity with your magnificent revolutionary movement at home.

In the year that passed you have shown unimaginable courage and heroism in a very important struggle that has been a source of hope and inspiration for hundreds of thousands of masses and youth, especially women, around the world, including Canada. We are writing to let you know that the working masses of world are with you in your rightful struggle against the Islamic dictatorship. Your martyrs of the past year will not be forgotten.

We wish you a happy Norooz and a great year to come. Shall this be a year of overthrowing the hated Islamic regime and victory for the revolution in Iran.

In Solidarity,

Toronto Young New Democrats

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